Technical support
Technical support and services

Shenzhen City, Yalom Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a wide range of personalized connector custom design and production programs.
Yalom Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City has always been proud of the global engineering team. Based on North America, China, Britain, and can provide customers worldwide a full range of product support, from initial concept discussions to include the processing, design verification, samples, prototype design validation, and the whole design of the final pre-production support.
Based on many years of OEM and ODM experience, the EDAC engineering R & D team actively involved in the client's product development and design for the different needs of customers, to provide a complete custom connector design, which has become a big advantage for EDAC.
Our services
From the idea to transport - both economic and fast
Provide a full range of customer technical support services worldwide
- Tool and die design
- Provides design and engineering support
- OEM, CEM, as well as processing equipment manufacturing services
Provide high quality products - on time, efficient
- Warehousing and logistics services

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